Mandatory Credit: Photo by JOHN G MABANGLO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10542636a) The NFL Super Bowl Vince Lombardi trophy on display with the NFC Champions San Francisco 49ers helmet and the AFC Champions Kansas City helmet before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's press conference in Miami, Florida, USA, 29 January 2020. The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will play in Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA on 02 February 2020. Lombardi Trophy and the 49ers and Chiefs, Miami, USA - 29 Jan 2020

PREVIEW: Super Bowl LIV Keys to The Game

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Super Bowl LIV is tomorrow and is the biggest game of the NFL season. The game will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers and the victor will be crowned the best team in football. Yet despite taking very identical paths to get here, both these teams have their differences that will be their keys to success to win the big game.

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Kansas City Chiefs:

The champion from the AFC, Kansas City has been a paragon in the offence all season. A very huge part of their success has been quarterback sensation Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has gone 46/70 for 615 yards and 8 touchdowns in two games these playoffs.

A big component that the Chiefs have been admittedly lacking is in the running game. While it’s true Damien Williams has 3 rushing touchdowns in two games they’ve been mostly from the goal-line as Williams has 92 yards in those two games.

Ultimately the biggest key to this game for the Chiefs is going to be on defence. In the two post-season games the defence has coughed up 55-points. Thankfully the offence has dug them out of those bad situations, but they can’t rely on the offence to score a 40+ point average.

To summarise, Mahomes will be a factor but how big a factor will ride on the shoulders of Williams. Plus above all else the defence needs to try and keep points off the board as the 49ers defence has given up considerably less.

San Francisco 49ers:

Now we go onto the champions from the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco has been largely the opposite of Kansas City as their air game has been their weakness, and their running game and defence have been the shining stars. Jimmy Garoppolo has been largely a dissapointment these playoffs as he’s only gone 17/27 for 208 yards, 1-touchdown and 1-interception. In fact Garoppolo only had 8 pass attempts all game against Green Bay.

The real offensive MVP for the 49ers has been running-back Raheem Mostert. He’s racked up an impressive 278 yards and 4 touchdowns in two games and basically beat the Packers on his own. One can bet that the Chiefs will be wise as to how much damage Mostert can do which means Garoppolo needs to be better.

Now a big saving grace for the 49ers is their defence. Having only given up 30-points all playoffs long, they’ve shut down two strong offences in the Vikings and Packers. This however will be the toughest game of them all as the Chiefs have put up 86-points over two games.

In summary, the two main focuses of San Francisco should be to get the passing game going, and shutting down Mahomes (as much as possible). It’s going to be difficult but the 49ers defence needs to leave everything on the field. They can certainly do it but it will be the biggest battle of the game.

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Now with all this in mind, who do we think is going to win the game? As much as the 49ers have an edge in 2/3 main categories, the one the Chiefs have the edge in is far more of a gap. True Mostert has almost 200 more yards than Williams, but he only has one more touchdown. On the topic of defence the 49ers defence has given up a little over half the points of the Chiefs, however the 49ers have scored quite a bit less points than the Chiefs. The big gap is Mahomes vs Garoppolo and boy is it a big one. Mahomes has over three times the yards and has a edge on touchdowns by an 8/1 margin. That is why despite this being likely a close game, the Chiefs will likely come out on top.

What do you think? Can the 49er defence mitigate the Chiefs top weapon or will this game go as predicted here? Let us know in the comments below.

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