RECAP: Seahawks vs Eagles Wild Card Match-Up

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We’ve now reached the final game of the Wild Card round. This last game features the (11-5) Seattle Seahawks against the (9-7) Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles got into the playoffs on essentially a collapse from the Dallas Cowboys. Whereas the Seahawks were right there in a hard fought division where 3rd place could have been first in the Eagles division. Never the less, regular season records care little for the playoffs as we’ve already seen wins from two wild card teams with lower records.

See what happened in the earlier game Here!

My goodness was this one ever slow compared to the starts the other games had. The only score of the 1st quarter was a 49 yard field goal by Jason Myers giving Seattle a 3-0 lead after the 1st quarter. Things would pick up a bit in the 2nd quarter as the Eagles would tie the game with a field goal of their own. The 48 yard attempt was aced by Jake Elliot making it 3-3. The Seahawks weren’t content on a tie going into halftime so they answered with a touchdown on the following drive. Marshawn Lynch who had signed with the Seahawks just prior to the start of the playoffs would make his presence felt. Lynch would run the ball 5-yards up the middle for the games first touchdown giving Seattle a 10-3 lead at the half.

The start of the 2nd half was much more exciting than the 1st. Philadelphia would score early with a 26 yard field goal to cut the Seahawks lead to 10-6. Seattle would answer this field goal with a touchdown just like the last one. This time it was Russell Wilson’s turn to torch the defence as this was a big play touchdown. A 53-yard pass in fact to D.K. Metcalf making the lead 17-6 Seahawks. Philadelphia would try cutting into the lead with another field goal, and they succeeded. This one Elliot made from 38 yards out making it a one-score game at 17-9 after the 3rd quarter. That ladies and gentlemen is where the scoring would stop. The Eagles had a couple decent looking drives but they fell short as they turned it over on downs twice in the final quarter. This would keep the final score 17-9 Seahawks, who are the third Wild Card team out if four to move on to the Divisional round.

Watch highlights of the game Here!

The Division round is now set. This upcoming week we’ll have four games. in the AFC it will be the Kansas City Chiefs against the Houston Texans, and the Baltimore Ravens against the Tennessee Titans. On the NFC side it will be the San Francisco 49ers against the Minnesota Vikings, and the Green Bay Packers against the Seattle Seahawks. Eight teams left in the quest for football’s ultimate prize… The Super Bowl.

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